I.Free Consultations

To make sure a hair transplant procedure is suitable for you, you are requested to first send us photographs of your head. They will be examined by a physician and a treatment plan will be outlined. (Free consultation)
You will be requested to send us your photographs (photos of your head from all angles – front, top, left and right, back!).
You may send your photographs to e-mail : info@turhair.com

II.How will my course of treatment proceed?

We will pick you up at the bus station/ airport and check you into a hotel.Visit to the clinic in the morning. Examination by Dr.Demir including all necessary check-ups and tests .
Hair transplant procedure will perform by Dr.Demir with his profesional team (taking between 5 and 10 hours). After the procedure a head bandage is applied. A stay in a hotel.
Free time. A stay in a hotel.(After the operation is very inportant to wait one day for the first hair washing to avoid the risk of infections and damage the hair follicles.
Visit to the clinic to have your head bandage taken off . Mandatory first washing of the hair at the clinic. Back to the bus station/airport.

III.How to book?

You can make a booking at :


 +90 539 330 01 21 

IV. How will I travel?

The information below will help you plan your trip :




V. How much will it cost?

We offer highest quality services, while our charges are among the lowest in Turkey and in all Europe. For the best price please contact us !